Define: Politician

Words have to mean something. In a culture where calling something “sick” or “wicked” can be a compliment, terms that used to be concrete in meaning can quickly become vague and ambiguous.
This is a phenomenon we have seen in this hotly contested presidential race. The terms “conservative”, “socialist”, “progressive” and others have been bandied about and many have lost their real meaning.
Two such terms are “politician” and “outsider”. When Donald Trump and Ben Carson were leading a lot of polls in the early days of the campaign, the news media was abuzz with talk of “the outsider insurgence”, etc. Carson and Trump were both seen as “normal, everyday” folks. In other words, they were not politicians.
On the other hand, you had a slew of governors and congressmen that people saw as part of the problem. The establishment, the insiders, the evil politicians. Here again, we have a striking instance of the media creating a narrative that isn't grounded in truth.
Let’s define the terms.
“A person who does not belong to a particular group.”
The voters want a president who is outside, but outside of what? The establishment, the “good old boys club”, the business as usual folks, the “system”.
Donald Trump has never held office, however he has ran and considered running for the presidency multiple times. He has been heavily involved in influencing politics and policy through donations for most of his career. He has stated repeatedly that he uses the system and is the best at “making deals” with Democrats and Republicans.

So as far as being outside of a particular group, Donald Trump doesn’t qualify. Trump not only knows the system, he loves the system. He is not promising to change the system, he is promising to work the system with “smart” people and “smart” deals.
1: “One versed in the science of government and the art of governing; one skilled in politics.”
2: “A person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office.”
Ted Cruz does hold an elected position. He is also very well versed in the science and art of governing. Despite his knowledge and position as Senator, if you’re looking for an outsider, Ted Cruz fits the bill far better than Trump.
Ted Cruz was one of the original TEA Party candidates, going up against Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst who was heavily favored and backed by the establishment. While in the Senate, Cruz made a name for himself standing up against the GOP’s normal way of doing things.
He vehemently opposed Obamacare and stood for 21 hours on the Senate floor in an attempt to halt the legislation, referring to those Republicans who would not stand up to Obama as the “surrender caucus”. 
On the Senate floor, Cruz called out Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for lying and slammed the Republicans in House and Senate for not standing firm on conservative principles. Cruz was adamantly against the most recent budget deal in which many Republicans caved to the demands of Obama and the Democrats.

In other words, Cruz did not go to Washington to work the system or make friends and really good deals. Cruz went to stand on principle. A long, consistent record of conservative principles and standing up to the "Washington cartel" is the legacy of Ted Cruz’s life to this point.
A politician Ted Cruz may be, if by politician you mean someone who holds elected office, understands government and is skilled in the process. Ted Cruz is also an outsider when it comes to the group of Republicans and Democrats whose liberal policies have damaged the America we love. Cruz stands with the American people, the Constitution and freedom.
A politician Donald Trump is not, if by politician you mean someone who holds elected office, understands government and is skilled in the process. Neither is Donald Trump an outsider when it comes to the Republicans and Democrats whose liberal policies have damaged the America we love. Donald Trump stands with liberal activists, influential money, and corrupt power.

It’s your choice, America.


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