Obama Endorsement of Hillary Clinton - RESPONSE

Well, President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton the other day. Pretty big news, but if she's such a clear choice, I'm just wondering why the heck it took him so long?


"OBAMA: For more than a year now, across thousands of miles and all 50 states, tens of millions of Americans have made their voices heard.

Yeah, and tens of millions of them have said “No” to the Democrat party.
OBAMA: Today, I just want to add mine. I want to congratulate Hillary Clinton on making history as the presumptive Democratic nominee for president of the United States.
She made history because she’s a woman. Well, actually, we learned recently that she only identifies as a woman. Because, as we all know now, thanks to Mr. Obama threatening to take funding from children in public school, gender is non-binary.
OBAMA: Look, I know how hard this job can be.
Yeah, believe him, he knows how hard it is. Basically, nobody else could mess up as bad as he did. Hopefully.
OBAMA: That’s why I know Hillary will be so good at it. In fact, I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.
Sure, let’s run through some of her qualifications - potentially lying under oath (she had a good teacher, Bill is quite the guy), skirting federal rules, ignoring the Constitution, getting 4 American heroes killed at Benghazi, scandals galore. By the modern definition of politician, she’s beyond qualified.

However, saying that everyone else who has ever run for President is less qualified than Hillary Clinton is a major slap in face. Not to mention people like George Washington, maybe Abraham Lincoln, some of those guys. They might have been a little more qualified.
OBAMA: She’s got the courage, the compassion, and the heart to get the job done.
Well, compassion for all the illegal immigrants. Just not so much for unborn children.
OBAMA: And I say that as someone who had to debate her more than 20 times. Even after our own hard-fought campaign, in a testament to her character she agreed to serve our country as secretary of state.

Was it that? Or was it you throwing her a bone in order to get her support after such a "hard fought" campaign? Just curious.
OBAMA: From the decision we made in the situation room to get Bin Laden, to our pursuit of diplomacy in capitals around the world, I have seen her judgement, I’ve seen her toughness, I’ve seen her commitment to our values up close.
Good judgement does not usually end with 4 dead Americans and lies being told to their families.
OBAMA: I’ve seen her determination to give every American a fair shot at opportunity, no matter how tough the fight was. That’s what has always driven her. And it still does.
Every American….except every single unborn child that was given no chance whatsoever because your buddies over at Planned Parenthood made sure they did not live to ever have any opportunity.

OBAMA: So I want those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that I’m with her. I am fired up, and I cannot wait to get out there and campaign.
And we can’t wait either. Maybe if you’re out of the Oval Office campaigning for Hillary Clinton, the butcher of Benghazi, you’ll have less time on your hands to continue your fundamental transformation of American that is destroying our Constitution and our country.
OBAMA: I also want to thank everybody who turned out to vote and who worked so hard for our candidates. This has been a hard-fought race. I know some say these primaries have somehow left the Democratic party more divided.
Yeah, you’re divided between those who are honest and are just admitting they want socialism now, and those who are dishonest and are vainly attempting to veil socialism behind the mask of democracy and liberalism.
OBAMA: Well, they said that eight years ago as well. But just like eight years ago, there are millions of Americans, not just Democrats, who have cast their ballots for the very first time. And a lot of that is thanks to senator Bernie Sanders, who has run an incredible campaign.
No. No, he really hasn’t. If you run out in the street and promise free ice cream to everyone, you’re sure to draw a crowd. That’s all Bernie has done - promise free healthcare, free college, FREE EVERYTHING!

OBAMA: I had a great meeting with him this week, and I thanked him for shining a spotlight on issues like economic inequality and the outsized influence of money in our politics, and bringing young people into our process.
Economic inequality? That’s called life. You, sir, are far richer than I ever hope to be. Heck, Bernie Sanders is far richer than I ever hope to be! But that is how life goes. There is no such thing as economic equality. It is nothing more than a pipe dream and a campaign slogan.
Money in politics? You’re concerned about money in politics and you endorsed Hillary Clinton? The irony is ironic in this situation. Hillary Clinton and her darling husband have been giving speeches for hundreds of thousands of dollars to special interest groups and foreign governments. There’s more money in their politics than in any of their bank accounts.

OBAMA: Embracing that message is going to help us win in November. But more importantly, it will make the Democratic party stronger, and it will make America stronger. Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders may have been rivals during this primary, but they’re both patriots who love this country.
Patriot. Better be careful using that dirty word. Studies show use of the word “patriot” dramatically increases your chances of being targeted by the IRS. But I guess you wouldn’t have to worry about that would you?
OBAMA: They share a vision for the America that we all believe in, an America that is hopeful, an America that big-hearted, an America that is strong and fair and gives every child the same chance that we had.
Whoah! Let’s not drag the children into this. You and Hillary Clinton would just as soon abort one as seen it born. Hillary Clinton doesn’t even believe that unborn children have Constitutional rights! This is despite the fact that in many states unborn children can be names as heirs to estates and murderers are held responsible if a woman they kill is pregnant.
News flash, not all Americans share that vision of wantonly killing innocent children for the sake of convenience and so called “women’s rights”. Aborting kids is a far cry from giving them the same chance you had, Mr. President.
OBAMA: Those are the values that unite us as Democrats.

OBAMA: Those are the values that make America great.
Stealing Trump’s tag line? I expected more.
OBAMA: Those are the values that are going to be tested in this election. But if we all come together in common effort, I’m convinced we won’t just win in November, we’ll build on the progress that we have made and we will win a brighter future for this country that we love.
What is being tested this election is whether or not the Constitution still means anything to Americans. What is being tested is whether we understand where we came from as a nation, as a people. What is being tested is whether our liberty is something we are willing to sacrifice for the false, fleeting security offered by “just one more” government hand-out.
If building on your so-called “progress” means more of the last 8 years, I, for one, want no part of it."


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